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SEASON 2018/2019

After two thrilling seasons, we’re now in the middle of season 3. What’s your goal for this season? Subscribe for one of the races below and try to qualify yourself for the OCR Series World Finals at Saturday 15 June 2018

RACE 4 – 31 Mar. Nijmegen

Race 4 will be the first OCR Series race of the season to be held in the Netherlands. Due to it’s flat landscape, it will again be a fast course and focus on having a high average speed. In spite of the flat terrain, you’ll be facing the famous ski-hill halfway through the course. Our tip, steady your tempo to reduce the change of cramps. Race 4 is another mud-themed run and the Berendonck is well known for its sticky Mud and deep trenches. It is also the location of the OCR Series World Finals in June, so it’s a great opportunity to size-up the area and test the course.

Last years it were the Belgian athlethes who sweeped the podium in Nijmegen with a victory for Thibault Debusschere (BEL) in a time of 1 hour and 37 minutes. Just a minute behind Thibault it was Thomas Buyle (BEL) finishing second place at the sweep was completed with Jensen Blondeel (BE) finishing third male.

This race, it were the females that made it into a thrillseeking race until the moment that Lisan de vries (NL) was warmed up after 17km ;). She increased her speed at the last 2 km and a strong finish on the last technical obstacles brought her to victory in 2 hours and 5 minutes. Corien Jansen who was constantly in a top 5 position finished just 3 minutes behind Lisan and took the 2nd place. Blue vest starter Janka Pepova (Slovakia) finished her first (Strong Viking) OCR Series race on the 3rd place in a time of 2 hours and 14 minutes, a big shout-out to her performance that race.

Will the Belgian males again go for the sweep?

RACE 6 – 11 May Amsterdam

Race 6 will be the last OCR Series race in the Netherlands until the OCR World Finals in June. If you thought there were no hills in the Netherlands, you are wrong. Race 6 takes place during the Strong Viking Hills Edition in Spaarnwoude, near Amsterdam. Be ready for many uphill crawls, weight carries and last but not least, the Arctic Area! Conquer obstacles at the Snowplanet Skicentre with a tempature of -5?C (23?F). Crawl, jump and slide through the snow in order to secure your OCR Series World Finals spot!

THE OCR SERIES MARATHON IS BACK! After the succes of last year, we decided to bring the toughest marathon race on earth back to Amsterdam in 2019. 42km, 100+ obstacles and supervision of OCR officials. The points awarded at the OCR Series Marathon will be updated from the standard ranking system to fit the marathon distance. These point will of course count for the OCR Series overall ranking. Therefor, on the 11 of May we’ll have 2 winners per gender, and 1.000 points will be awarded to each of them. The choice on your part is tactical, will you go for speed or endurance? Please note: Max 7.5hr!