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The OCR Series is the biggest obstacle course racing tournament with over €20.000 in prize money. The tournament is based on a cumulative ranking system and under the supervision of our Race Director and trained independent  OCR marshals.

What’s OCR Series?

The OCR Series is the best way to test your physical and mental strength and endurance. Are you an obstacle runner, trailrunner, crossfitter/bootcamper or another all-around athlete? Conquer our 19km obstacle course race with over 40 obstacles under the supervision of specially-trained OCR marshals. We make a distinction between mandatory (A) obstacles and penalty (B) obstacles. If you fail at one of our B obstacles there is no tapping-out. You get back up do your penalty and keep trying until you make it to the finish. In the meantime your opponents may pass you so don’t waste any time focusing on your setbacks. However, if youre not capable of completing our mandatory (A) obstacles then you’re out of the race. Check out all the mandatory and penalty obstacles in our rulebook.

The penalties vary at every obstacle, from running an additional lap, battle ropes, burpees and so on. You can also find the list of all penalties in the rulebook.

2020/2021 is the 4th Obstacle Course Racing season of the OCR Series. In season 1 and 2, it has been proven that competing in one single OCR Race does not guarantee a spot in OCR World Finals. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made an abrupt end of season 3. To qualify for the OCR World Finals, you must finish in the top-3 of a single race or the top-200 male & top-100 female of the overall ranking or in one of our external qualifying races. Only this select few can compete for the title of OCR World Champion 2020/2021 with over €20.000,- in prize money. Being one of the ELITE (top 100/top 50 of the overall ranking) runners will give you an extra advantage during the single qualifying races where you can start before the big wall at the starting line. In addition, every single race has it own prize money for the top-3 male & female. Do you have what it takes to compete in the biggest Obstacle Course Racing Series in the World?

For more information, rules, races etc. check the rulebook and/or get in touch using the contact form. Be part of OCR History and sign up for (one of) the OCR Series Races.

Prize money

Every single race has it own prize money for the top-3 male & female. For season 2019/2020 the following prizemoney is confirmed.

Single race:

Per race, the podiumplaces will be rewarded with the prizes below:
1st place Male/Female = € 300,-
2nd place Male/Female = € 200,-
3rd place Male/Female = € 100,-

The prize money for the OCR Series World Finals 2020/2021 will be published SOON!

More about the

OCR Series


Are you competing in the OCR Series? Check out the rulebook for all mandatory obstacles, penalties, marshals and more. Play by the Rules!


Throughout the season, your finish time will determine the amount of points you receive for every race. Every second counts, so an all out effort is essential at every obstacle.


Participants of the OCR Series are the most well-rounded athletes with a tough and rough appearance. Meet the competition by checking out their personal profiles.


Are you ready to race against the best in order to claim your spot in the OCR World Finals? Check out the full OCR Series 2020/2021 race calendar.


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More info?

Looking for more information? Check out the FAQ or get in touch by filling in the contact form and following the OCR Series journey on Facebook.