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Have you lost your e-ticket or deleted your e-mail? You can print our your e-ticket again via your Paylogic account: Log in on PayLogic and request your ticket again! If youve lost your login information please check Paylogic customer service for instructions on hwo to retrieve your information.

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another athlete by following this link. Be advised: this can only be done at the latest, three days prior to the event. The new athlete is responsible for adding the right personal information on the ticket.

We advise that the new ticketholder(s) check their registration at the OCR Series tent at the venue prior to the race to make sure the transfer was correctly carried out.

The fee for the name change is €1 + transaction cost.

If you have missed the deadline to fill in the additional details, the ticket(s)/start number(s) will be under the name of the person who has made the purchase. Due to the fact that we are missing additional information, such as your date-of-birth and e-mail address, your results/ranking will not be included in the ranking after the race. It is therefore imperative to fill out your additional details by following the instructions in your confirmation email.

Making changes to participant information can be done via Paylogic’s customer support. Requests for changes of incorrect information can be made up to 3 days before the date of an event. You can contact Paylogic via their website and/or by telephone.

All OCR Series participants need to bring a valid ID i.e. drivers license/passport to the registration desk in order to receive their startnumber. The BIB needs to be collected by the athlete in person. Participants who do not bring a valid ID are not allowed to race in the OCR series. They are allowed to start in another wave during that day but their results will not be included in the ranking after the run.

Go directly to the marshal that is waiting after the finish line and give your details to the Race Director so that he can write down the clock time at the finishline. Please come to the OCR series tent as soon as possible to register that you didn’t wear your chip. Your finish time will be checked by videocameras at the start- & finish area.


There can be number of reasons why your result isnt showing up in the ranking:

1. The email address that is being used for your ticket registration in PayLogic, isnt the same email address you used to create your athlete profile.

2. You didnt personalize your ticket as requested in your confirmation mail, the rulebook and OCR Series communications.

3. You did not register at the start and/or finish due to not wearing/losing or the malfunction of your ankleband with timing chip.

4. You were not wearing your BIB number during the race.

5. It’s possible that you are disqualified – you will receive an email from the race director with the reason why.

A participant who shows up twice in the ranking is using different email adresses to buy his/her single race tickets. The system will then recognize each email address as a unique athlete and will not sum up the total amount of points. Always use the same email address for race registration.

Check if you used the same Email address for your Athlete profile and your registration by logging into both accounts.


All questions or comments concerning the OCR World Championship (OCR WC) or the OCR European Championship (OCR EC) should be addressed directly to the organisation/association directly.

Wijchen / Nijmegen
Weg door de Berendonck 1
The Netherlands

Valleiweg (crossing Oostbroekerweg)
The Netherlands

9185 Wachtebeke

Pommernstraße 12
Fürstenau bei Osnabrück

Waldensberger straße 4

Roskilde / Copenhagen
Darupvej 19

Yes, there are seperate changing rooms for men and women where you can get dressed before and after the race.

Yes, their is a guarded coat check at every location where you can drop your luggage. Youll receive a wristband to reclaim your bag after the race. Be advised, only 1 bag allowed per participant!

After the event it is possible to wash off/shower. However, there are no closed shower cabins.

The minimum age for competing in the OCR Series is 16 years old. If you are not old enough but you still want to participate, go to and start training by signing up for a shorter distance (7km of 13km). Participation is allowed from 14 years old.

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