New at the OCR Series:



Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, we are not able to host large-scale Strong Viking/OCR Series events like you are used to at the moment.

The government in the Benelux has already indicated that the measures, including the ban on large-scale (sports) events, will remain valid at least until 1 Ocotber 2020. This means that we as an organization are forced to cancel the OCR Series season 2019/2020 unfortunately.

However, in order to be able to offer our OCR Athletes one summer of challenges, we have created something new, the OCR Series Virtual Races! Race amongst thousands of other athletes in the World!

Race information:

– Start races: 10.00 am!
– Starting location: Your front door!
– Distance: 19K300

During the above days we will be working with version 1 of our Virtual Race system! In the meantime we are working hard to develop a module that will make it possible to organize a Virtual LIVE Race before the end of the year, including end ranking and prize money where we strive to invite the top athletes and have them run under the guidance of a marshall.

During the 19K race, you need to succeed the Viking100 three times. For those who don’t know the Viking100 yet, you can find all the exercises underneath:
– 15x Burpees
– 5x Pull Ups
– 20x Squat Jumps
– 30x Sit Ups
– 10x Push Ups
– 20x Walking Lunges
(total 100)

Rules and regulations:

– The distance to run must be a minimum of 19km, with a maximum of 19.9km. The system automatically calculates your average score/ranking.
– The result is determined at the average running pace (time vs. distance).
– An image/screenshot of your walked route must be sent via the appropriate race module.

Always observe the measures concerning the COVID-19 virus in your specific country!

– Run alone or at most together with 1 fellow athlete, but always keep 1.5 meters distance!
– Avoid busy areas such as forests and recreation areas, plan your own route and start from the front door of your house!
– Take others into account and only pass when the 1.5 meter rule is secured!
– Don’t push yourself to the limit. This temporarily weakens your resistance!
– Always stick to the regulations that apply in your country/region!

In order to participate in the Virtual Races, it is mandatory to run with a Strava-connection. You’ll receive an information mail how to connect your ticket to your Strava account in order to be registrated correctly.


Sign up for one of the Virtual Races by clicking on the date below. Do you have a OCR Series Season Pass? Then fill in your barcode as a couponcode to sign up with discount! The ticket will show a four-day event, but since we’re all racing together at the same time, it’s mandatory to start on the Sunday at 10.00 o’clock!

Do you have what it takes to become the first OCR Series Virtual winner?

The OCR Series Virtual Races do count as a point for your Medals-for-LIFE system (by Strong Viking)! Do you finish the Virtual Edition as your second edition? Then your Strong Viking medal will be send to your home! Do you want some extra information? Check the landingpage on!

There are two types of tickets available for the Virtual Races, a ‘Basic’ and a ‘Premium’ ticket. The difference between those tickets is that you will only receive a Strong Viking Finisher Shirt by buying a Premium ticket for (one of) the Virtual Races.